The Next Big Thing in Comedy is Court Ordered


Article by: Jessica Bishop

Growing up in the 90’s there was nothing better than coming home from school, cracking open an ice cold Sunny D, and sneaking in an episode of Beavis and Butthead before my mom got home from work. Throughout math class and spelling tests I was daydreaming about unwinding with the lewd animated duo before starting the evening’s after school debauchery.

Since the days of Beavis and Butthead many cartoon shows have copied the raunchy humor such as Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and American Dad, to the delight of the new generations of after school outlaws. However in last few years it seems there has been a lax in new material and the animated comedy genre has grown stale. Here to fill that void is the next big thing in comedy, a brand new series called Court Ordered.

Court Ordered is a show about a hapless alcoholic sentenced to rehab group therapy after being arrested for driving under the influence, based loosely upon the life and stand up of comedian Erik Myers. Fellow comedian, Eric Freedman, and producer of Court Ordered felt inspired upon his first meet of Myers at Freedmans’s first booked comedy show.  The show is just in its beginning stage with their only teaser video already featured on Funny Or Die. The show follows Myers’ everyday struggles of work, dating, and life in general all while being completely sober.

The series boasts an all comedic cast with stand-up comics such as Sam TripoliStephanie SimbariCraig Phillip ConantBecky Robinson, and Jay Davis filling regular spots. Court Ordered will also have several other comedians coming and going throughout the series.

With an unlimited amount of potential, Court Ordered is all set to go with the exception of the needed funds to carry it out. Eric Freedman conveys,“This series has a lot of amazing people behind it who work very hard at their crafts. The comedians are some of the best in business, the animators have worked on many popular series both on the web and TV, and our music/audio is being recorded and provided by Fresh Goods (led by Rome of Sublime With Rome.) We put together what we feel is the bare minimum budget for us to properly bring this show to life. We’re not looking for a favor, just a shot.”

CourtOrdered2Pitching in not only lets you bring to life the next big animated series, but they have tons of great rewards for donating. The prizes range from a free download, t-shirts, show premieres,  and even getting to be a cartoon in the show! You can find an extensive list of the prizes here.

If you stand up comedy, great t.v., or just funny shit in general, be sure to support them at the link below!

Court Ordered Kickstarter


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