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Canadian Metal Band Days Alone gets Eight Tentacles Up!

We received a reader submission recently that really has the drunk octopus tentacles all aflutter. The band is Days Alone out of Grand Falls, Windsor, Newfoundland Canada. They are a melodic hard rock band that’s basically been together since high school. The band is made up of Gord Maidment on rhythm guitar & lead vocals, Mark Busey on bass Guitar & back up vocals, and Will Wheeler on drums. They have tried quite a few times to add a second guitarist to the lineup, but they felt it always ended up messing with their dynamic. The guys grew up together and have been playing together off and on since grade 10. At one point they even moved across country yet somehow remained together. Gord Maidment one of the band members and their manager said, “We all just want to play for a living and will never stop chasing that. If you can’t chase your dreams, what’s tell point!?”

Photo by Loretta Maidment

Photo by Loretta Maidment

Listening to Days Alone definitely gives me a twinge of nostalgia, and makes me miss my younger days of shooting photos on the local Indianapolis metal scene. All I can think is this is what it would sound like if somehow Metallica, Danzig, and Tool each had a baby, and raised them to rock together in a 3 piece band of badassery. They are currently working on an album to follow-up their 2 studio singles “Listen” and “Crooked Throne“, and hope to have something out soon. I know I’m a little giddy, and eagerly anticipating the release. I’m also excited knowing I’m gonna sleep a little easier at night now that Canada has given us a little something to make up for Nickelback.

Check out of few of their basement demos now at

Follow Days Alone on Facebook at and on twitter @days_alone


Photo by Loretta Maidment


Photo by Loretta Maidment


Photo by Loretta Maidment



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  1. This is one bad ass band. They put their heart and soul into the music. They are quite talented musicians who take their music very seriously. I have been blessed to hear them perform live in Edmonton Alberta. Their performance was impeccable. Looking forward to hearing alot more about this band


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