Artist Spotlight

Moe Dell Takes You Back Home With Local



The first time I had the pleasure of seeing Moe Dell perform was on the dimly lit stage of The Knickerbocker Saloon for Vigilstock 2015. His witty songs kept me laughing and his southern-ish charm had me feeling at home.

Moe Dell is a Virginia native currently residing in Minnesota. His newest album, Local, released just last week. Moe Dell describes Local as a complete 180 from all of his other past music ventures. He added that, “Everything else has been rock or funk in the past. I just wanted to challenge myself with with something different. When I was a little kid I was always around old country and bluegrass. I even played banjo. I guess I wanted to get back to that. Moving away from my family makes me miss them like crazy and that old music reminds me of them. Half the songs on Local are about my family or the memories of growing up and maybe part of it is that I’m a hillbilly at heart. It feels good to do an acoustic aggressively and not have to have an electric guitar. You can’t hide behind an acoustic. You are exposed.”

The album starts off with my personal favorite, a song called “Better Days”.  A soft sweet melody takes me back in time to growing up as a kid in Indiana. As I tapped my toes to the steady smooth rhythm I could picture running around barefoot in my backyard, the cool breeze blowing the clean laundry scent from the clothes hanging on line mixed with the fresh cut grass.  A slight contrast from the rest of the album, “Devil’s Lake” is more fast paced, with a “Devil Went Down to Georgia” sort of feel. On the other end of the spectrum is “Uncle Joe”. Slow and hypnotic, it makes me reminisce of times spent in my grandmother’s living room listening to tales of the good ol’ days.The entire album clearly expresses a trip down memory lane. This is the kind of album you listen to on a Sunday afternoon while cleaning the house, sunbeams peaking through the window, kids playing in the background, and the smell of a good home cooked meal wafting through the air. Moe Dell’s voice is comforting and his musical ability is articulated well throughout the entire album. If you like old country or just plain good music Local is worth a listen.

Check out more of his work at or like his page on Facebook at MoeDellMusic . The full album is available here on Itunes


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