Ask Mama Nel – “How do I spark my motivation again?”

Hi Mamma Nel!

I am a graphic designer (not too shabby of one either; totally not braggin’) however I feel I’m not as artistically motivated anymore. I’m a busy mother of 3 and never seem to have any time to myself. I have been working as a professional designer for 16 years and I usually have my finger on the pulse of what’s hot I feel I’m slipping. Any ideas on how to spark my motivation again? What works/motivates you?

Love you Mama Nel!!!


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Dear Tonya

What motivates me is reading a book on the subject I need to get working on. For example if you spend too much read books on overspending, and things like that. The book that I will probably get today in the mail is what’s going to motivate me to work on the house, and that is one recommended and sent to me by the lovely Becky Gamble called Spark Joy by Marie Kondo. Also your surroundings are very important. If all the stuff in your house is bringing you down, get rid of some of it!  Another huge thing that motivates me, and probably the one that gets me going the most is Pinterest. I get ideas from there, and then I just can’t get them outta my head ’til I do them!

Peace, Love, and Shannon Hoon,

Mama Nel


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