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311’s Nick Hexum Runs for Multiple Myeloma


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311’s own Nick Hexum participated in 2016 Empire State Building Run-Up this past Wednesday. The Empire State Building Run-Up hosted by the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation is a world famous race that climbs up 1,576 steps to the top of the Empire State building. The race raises money and awareness for multiple myeloma, the second most common blood cancer. It is estimated that this year 26,850 adults in the United States will be diagnosed with multiple myeloma, with 11,240 deaths a year attributed to the cancer.

Multiple myeloma really hits home for Nick Hexum, with his mother currently battling the cancer. He had this to say on his donation page:

   “My mother is currently battling this difficult disease. When she was diagnosed with MM a couple years ago my siblings and I wondered what we could do to help find a cure.  In a crazy, serendipitous occurrence, our close friend unknowingly sent us an emotional video from someone who was battling MM and talked about what MMRF was doing to cure it.  I exclaimed, “That’s what my mom has!”  The solution I was looking for virtually fell in my lap. It is great for me to be able to get involved and do something other than just hope and wait.  Fortunately, Mom is still enjoying a great quality of life and the treatments have been remarkably successful.  The work being done by the MMRF is fast-tracking drugs that are extending lives and improving quality of life for patients. With your help, we can help fund more therapies that will help patients like my mother.”

Nick started with a fund-raising goal of $10,000, and a promise to release a special track for those who donated. He ended up doubling his goal at a whopping $20,325. Not only did he win largest fundraiser, but also fastest male with a time of 16:12! As promised Nick sent out an email to all the donors with a link to a song called “Landscape of My Mind”. The song is a funky little jazz mix written by Nick, NHQ bassist Andrés Rebellón, and keyboardist Peter Dyer.

It’s always great to see artist’s giving back to the community. With cancer affecting so many people the research that foundations like the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation do is invaluable to not only those suffering from cancer, but their loved ones as well. It’s still not too late to donate! Just visit:  to donate and make a difference in someone’s life now!


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